Welcome to Aestus Udyog

Aestus Udyog, provides following services related to Induction heating from their plant in Bommasandra Industrial area.

We can supply you induction coils totally custom made to your requirement for many applications like Induction hardening,Induction brazing or billet heating.

We offer quality induction hardening services from our state of the art plant from bommasandra. We have four CNC controlled Induction hardening machines with 50 Kw power supplies. The facility is complete with laboratory and coilshop.

Aestus Udyog is the authorised dealer for the Induction heating power supplies of Fives Celes make of France. Fives celes has contributed significantly in the design and development of Induction power supplies in the last 40 years of their Service.

We aestus udyog (Group) are a leading service provider in the field of Induction Heating. We can provide you the following services.

1. We manufacture Induction coils for any design (any make) and application prove out for Hardening,Billet(forging),Heating,Brazing,Soldering,Annealing,Jig-Fixtures,etc(Handled by TECH SUKRATU Mr.Venu Vinod. R-09901773634)

2. Induction hardening (50 kw-3 m/c), Brazing, Powder coating on job work basis(Handled by AESTUS UDYOG- Metalurgy-Mr.Arun kumar-09901773633)

3. Service of all type of Induction heating equipment and spares(Handled by FARADAY POWER SYSTEMS- Mr.Prakash kumar Ullal-09900093631)

4. Sales of Induction heating equipment of Fives Celes Brand. please visit www.fivesgroup.com/fivesceles

5. we also manufacture Induction Heating machine,chillers, panel A.C, spares and service

We have skilled manpower, equipment and Lab,testing facilities for the same. We are already an array of reputed customers like Bosch Ltd, GE, Bajaj auto, Tata Motors Jamshedpur, BHEL Trichy, BMEL Mysore, SKF Ahmedbad, JMT Auto Jamshedpur, SANSERA, BILLFORGE, GEAROCKFORGE, SPICER, KTTM, TCAP, CRAFTSMAN, NEXSTEER, SKF, Auto axle, LGB, TVS, SFL, IFB, MAINI, Snecma HAL, BARC,IGCAR etc in our list